Sean’s foundations in House stems from a solid understanding of music. In Sean’s early years he was classically trained in Trumpet. As the years went on and those instruments were no longer cool he steered to the dark side of electric instruments.

Sean was actually coerced into playing the bass by his best friends at college. They were all starting a band and were missing one integral part, a bass player. So over a xmas period Sean borrowed the school’s bass and took it home to try and master the art of bass guitar. Sean’s infancy in bass was orientated around funk/rock. At that time Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Spin Doctors, Living Colour, Metallica, Greenday were all the rage. So after a few months the band was officially formed and ‘Dirty Habits” were born.

As Sean grew more familiar with the bass and more aware of the new world he was introduced to new genres and pioneers of the instrument. This took him into funk. Where he started focussing more on the bass players than the music. His was heavily influenced by players such as Stuart Zender, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Sting, Paul McCartney and many more.

As the years went on and Sean was introduced into the clubbing world he became very heavily addicted to the sounds of funky house. Around 2000 and onwards this was the time when funky house was really at one of its peaks. Sean took his idea of playing in a club to the promoter of the South Coasts well known club ‘The Kindergarten’ run by Martin Metcalf. This was a mecca for all of the house heads that were visiting to the uk at the time, it played host to every name you could think of. With this audience Sean was exposed to some of the greats of the house scene and was very quickly introduced to a number of the producers to interact with. This led to some relationships with the likes of Copyright, Knee Deep, Grant Nelson, Neil Pierce, Audiowhores etc etc.

Since then Sean has still actively works with a number of the producers on tracks and occasionally works live in the clubs. Here are a few snippets of Sean playing with some of those greats.

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