A quick question….do the names Hed Kandi, Louie Vega, Bob Sinclar, Soul Heaven mean anything to you?

Sean can comfortably put a tick next to each one of those not to mention a whole host of others. In today’s House Music world there is an abundance of artists professing to know house music, but upon closer inspection you can see that their background and experience really only started when artists were using cd players and downloading top tens from online music stores.

You might ask well why does it matter? Well the clubbing world is very quickly moving to a space where it truly becomes difficult to define yourself and stand out. This is all down to a massive lack of experience in the artists.

Well with Sean this is what you get.

Sean’s introduction to House music began much the same as others from regular outings as a clubber in his 20’s. What made the experience different for Sean was the interest he took in the music. With a background in bass playing, which seemed to be the foundations of any good house track in 2004, he became hooked. Sean set up some decks in his bedroom, much the same as others and took to trying to master the art of mixing on vinyl.
Sean comments on his ‘upbringing in house’
“I was very fortunate to live in a city which always had a weekly roster of visiting International Artists. I remember in one month having Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez both coming into town. Not only that but as I was a member of staff with the club I got to see and speak to them all up close, that kind of interaction is hard to come by. Not only that you learn a hell of a lot when you have that level of talent playing in a club, it soon gets you to raise your game. After that I dedicated my weekends to traveling around the country to watch these people.
One group of people who were core to my introduction were the folks of the Paul Farris Forum. Paul was a figurehead in the house community then and was able to bring a community of people together through his forum. We all used to group together at the weekends and go to certain events, which quite often meant following Paul around. Paul gave me my first real break, he put me on at the baby box in Ministry of Sound London at one of his Forum Party’s. Anyone who is able to boast playing at Ministry of Sound gets taken into another world of competence.”

From there Sean went on to build the strength of his background through repeated gigs and interest from many other countries. Check out Sean’s accomplishments to date, a huge repertoire of countries and clubs.

Be sure to check out the multimedia pages to see Sean in his true light.

Check out some of the pics of his history and meetings



Ministry of Sound, London ,UK – Soul Heaven 10th Year Anniversary Party

Double Seven – NYC – An intimate night with the UK’s Sean Doyle

Home Nightclub, Sydney, AUSTRALIA – Mykonos Festival presents Sean Doyle

Huu’ Bar BALI presents Sean Doyle

Hed Kandi Classic CD Launch Tour 2012 -AUSTRALIA

Cafe Mambo, IBIZA – Radio One Live Sessions

Get Wet Pool Party HARD ROCK CAFE SINGAPORE presents Seb Fontaine & Sean Doyle

NYE 2011 Extravaganza – Nha Trang, VIETNAM presents Sean Doyle

Frisky Fridays feat Sean Doyle, Stereolab – SINGAPORE

MetBar, BANGKOK – Classic House with Sean Doyle

Hed Kandi Glitter Ball NYE SYDNEY 2012 featuring Sean Doyle

SkyBar, KUALA LUMPUR present Sean Doyle

Incognito, LOS ANGELES – Sean Doyle Live and Direct

Club RA, LAS VEGAS – Sean Doyle

Huu’ Bar BALI present Soul Heaven feat Sean Doyle

Highlife, NEW ZEALAND presents Sean Doyle & Julie McKnight

Sapphire Lounge, NYC – Sean Doyle with E-Man

NYE 2010, QLD – Hed Kandi presents Sean Doyle & Andy Ward

Tank Nightclub, Sydney, AUSTRALIA – Sean Doyle

Summer Illusions (BALI) featuring Sean Doyle, Adam Sheridan and Dave Doyle

Alhambra presents Stereo Sushi feat Sean Doyle – BRISBANE

Soul Heaven AUSTRALIA CD Launch Tour featuring Sean Doyle & Karizma

These are some of the memorable ones, their are lots more featured on Sean’s Video Page


Ministry Of Sound Radio

Hed Kandi Radio(Ministry of Sound)

Stereo Sushi Radio(Ministry of Sound)

Power FM – Portsmouth

Fresh FM, Adelaide

House FM, London

Kiss FM, Melbourne

Real FM, New Zealand


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