Ha ha ok my reaction on Saturday night wasn’t quite like that but I can start to see what might have driven him to this.

On Saturday night I was playing at a party and had to post about the exchange of words that happened. So if you are a punter or someone who likes to harrass the dj put a little more thought and intelligence into what you are asking or don’t ask.
I would like to think and know that I am pretty accommodating when it comes to people’s requests. That is to say I don’t usually carry a lot of the dross that they are asking for so therefore can’t play it !! However what I was asked on Saturday night took me completely by surprise ,considering the reaction I was getting so far. It’s also worth nothing that I did talk with this individual later on and ensured it was understood.

It went a little something like this:

Punter : Can you playing something I can dance to?

Sean: No I was purposely playing this with the intention of keeping people from dancing !

Punter: Look of bemusement ( which happened quite a lot throughout this ‘chat’)

Sean : You  see what your asking is a bit subjective really isn’t it? Are you saying I should JUST play something that you want but then all the people that are dancing currently can wait whilst we play what YOU would like?

Punter : Well we are with a bunch of people over in an area and we would something we can dance to?

Sean : I say again, did you notice that other people are dancing?

Punter : Well we just wanting something new, you know like top 40?

Sean: You do realise its 7.30?

Punter: Yes what difference does that make?

Sean : Well lets break it down. How many tracks are there in the top 40 right now that you think you could dance to?

Punter : Baffled look !!

Sean: Lets say around 50%. So that’s around 20 songs that i could play, which if every song is around 4 minutes long, that means 80 minutes of tracks to keep you happy? This party goes on for another 5 hours, what do you suggest after that? Would you just like them on repeat?

Punter: There is no need to be like that I was just asking you to play something more up to date?

Sean : So you wanted top 40?

Sean: Well this is New Order Blue Monday which I know for a fact was in the top 40……in 1995 ha ha !!Come on your English you should know better than that !!

Sean : Do you mind me asking what you do for work?

Punter : Bemused look !!What’s that got to do with it? I work in XYZ

Sean: Well alright I know nothing about that as it happens, but how about I come sit with you on Monday and start telling you how to do your job with no experience?

Punter : Silence

Sean : Sorry but I am not a juke box and there are other people to consider here . ie The few hundred people who are dancing around the pool right now.


I did however play something a little more recent that 1995 after that ha ha !!

The morale of the story being, if you are tempted to approach the dj and ask for something you might like to hear, a few things you might want to consider first

1) Is there anyone else dancing whilst you are requesting?

2) Manners !!

3) If 2 is missing don’t be surprised to not get the reaction you were looking for.

Footage coming soon of the majority that WERE dancing !!!

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