Sean’s work with Internationally acclaimed Soulful House Label Soul Heaven


Soul Heaven came about from a conversation International resident & Master At Work Louie Vega had with original owner Oli White discussing the idea of taking Soulful house music to large-scale audiences & events around the world. Ministry of Sound seemed like the obvious choice as a world-class venue to launch this concept so Oli contacted Gareth Cooke and Simon Patterson who were running Rulin at MOS on Saturdays. It was decided that Bobby and Steve would be London Residents alongside Jeremy Newall, Phil Asher and Chrissy T & the first date was fixed. The name came about after Simon & Oli heard the Pastaboys mix Soul Heaven in the box at Ministry & a perfect name was chosen for a perfect night!

Soul Heaven has played host to some of the biggest names in House Music from International residents; LITTLE LOUIE VEGA and partner KENNY DOPE (plus of course MAW) to, TONY HUMPHRIES, FRANKIE KNUCKLES,JOCELYN BROWN, LIL LOUIS, BARBARA TUCKER, ANANE, JAZZY JEFF, DJ SPEN, OSUNLADE, JOE CLAUSSELL, RON CARROLL, KERRI CHANDLER, DENNIS FERRER, BLAZE, TERRY HUNTER, KARIZMA, MR. V  & all who have contributed either at their live events or have mixed for their now established series of compilation CDs. As Soul Heaven enters its tenth year it continues  to keep the soulful sound alive playing out the freshest sounds & most cutting edge tunes around to an audience around the world.

Check Out Sean’s interview on Myvision TV which explains how Sean became part of Soul Heaven

Sean was also fortunate enough to play alongside Louie Vega and Kenny Dope at the Soul Heaven 10th Birthday Anniversary

 Sean went on to run the Soul Heaven parties in Australia the first one started off with Neil Pierce from Fanatix and long standing member of Soul Heaven

After a great initial tour word spread throughout the community and Sean was able to take the next step in securing bigger Artists. Karizma from Baltimore, part of the famed duo of Spen & Karizma was the next to come. This was to launch the release of the new CD Compilation featuring Kenny Dope and Karizma and what a tour it was !! Karizma tore the roof of in every city he went to.

So where do you go from there you might think? Sean wasn’t able to pick from the typical Soul Heaven artist that you might think. Not all artists at that time would have worked at that time as Australia was very much mainstream Electro. However there was one longstanding Soul Heaven resident who was already familiar with Australia and knew how to play across the board without being infringing on the boundaries of what is common……Andy Ward.

We were now one year in since Soul Heaven had first hit the shores of Australia and what better way to celebrate than to bring the man out that first introduced people to the sounds of Soul Heaven and one of the longest standing residents Neil Pierce. Neil had been in the studio with his colleague Aaron Ross for most of the year and had been working on his first album as part of the fanatix. All of the Australian fans were keen to see him and hear the output of the previous year.

Things were getting tougher to promote the soulful gigs in Australia, much like it is the rest of the world. With that Sean decided to part ways with Soul Heaven and pursue other brands. Seans says:
I have to say that the Soul Heaven days in Australia were some of the highlights of my career. In the UK the competition to become one of those residents is high, I dont think I would have been able to do it. We had some amazing events, to name one it would have to be at Alhambra when I quite literally could not get Karizma off the decks and there was a core following of people who were all dancing away, if there was a shelter in Australia it would have been there that night.

However having the privilege to travel to the UK to play at the 10th year anniversary had to be the highlight of it all. I think i deserve a medal though for the lengths i went to reach their that weekend. I think i arrived on Saturday afternoon, played the bar, then the baby box until around 5am, then flew back to Australia on the Monda. Looking back i knew it was fuelled all on adrenaline.”



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